Discover: Taped Over Memory

David Bailey is a busy man. Not only is he one half of the intelligent pop duo The Title Sequence (a favourite of the people of RAWS), but he frequently ventures into other musical projects, the most successful being his solo career as No Middle Name. However, I want to bring to light a gem that is tucked away in the dusty corners of Bandcamp, called Taped Over Memory.

Rather different from the sheen of his polished pop songs, 'Handfuls of Yellow Crayons' is a bizarre mix of samples whose origin is a dated yet charming informative video on how crayons are made.

It’s rather fitting, then, that this obscure project from Bailey is entitled Taped Over Memory. Each repeated segment is at first amusingly abstract, then maddening, then eventually soothing. The mixture of small piano extracts stacked on top of each other and real life sounds from the crayon machines make something both static and hypnotising.

As outsider art goes, this has a nostalgic beauty to it, even if you haven’t seen the original clip before. You can treat this as a piece of ambient music, or a weird mashup of sound effects, but however you listen, there are more things to discover about yellow crayons.