TALK SHOW gHOST, aka Wimbledon’s Joe Da Costa, is an artist with a number of different worlds of sound to turn to.

On his social media pages, he tends to describe himself as “folktronica”, perhaps summing up well the diversity encompassed in his music. However, his deft use of electronics – ranging from the glitch, glorious yet somehow soothing 'Lip Sink' to the comparatively brash 'Glass Houses', doesn’t often mix with the acoustic side.

Even the guitar-driven music varies in style – the weighty, indie stroll that is 'Figure Head' feels a world away from the wistful, softly spoken 'Cat's Cradle'. When the two genres mix, it’s done subtly, in the short but sweet 'Window Seat'.

Da Costa’s fascination with altering his sound is matched by his interest in performing in alternative locations – take this performance of “Figurehead” in a skate park, and the beautifully resonant 'Skin' performed in an empty swimming pool.

As well as performing, Da Costa can also be seen in recent TV comedies such as Drifters and The Delivery Man. Perhaps, then, it will be a while before we hear from TALK SHOW gHOST again. That would be a shame, since Da Costa’s accomplished production and delicate songwriting lend a refreshing voice to both electronic and acoustic music.