Discover: Jens Lekman's Postcards

Gothenburg-based Jens Lekman's music is familiar to many, and his beautiful melodies and clever use of samples, mixed with witty and honest lyrics, have placed him among some of the best musicians of the 2000s. While his albums have all been received well by critics and listeners alike, his projects in the last year have been more personal and small-scale, receiving less attention.

Last spring, Lekman went on a Living Room Tour, touring small, unconventional venues (or living rooms) mainly in Sweden. A couple of months ago he took part in a Ghostwriting project, listening to stories about strangers' lives and turning them into songs.

Arguably, though, his main venture in 2015, in addition to working on his album, was his Postcards project. A year ago, Lekman announced he would be releasing “musical postcards”, new songs, every week for the whole year. These postcards are interesting insights and snapshots into his thoughts, tour, writing processes, life and what has been going on in the world in general. Furthermore, they have allowed Lekman to create material that is not necessarily in line with the rest of his work, making the songs truly unique and intriguing even on Jens Lekman scale.

If you haven't been checking them out weekly (like we have) it's time to do it now. The 52 songs can be found on Lekman's Soundcloud in full, providing you with some comfort until his next album comes out.