Discover: Hazel English

It's a cold January day, but Oakland-based Hazel English's old school indie-pop is still somehow able to transport you to a much brighter, dreamier environment.

The near-mathematical precision and symmetry in which English's songs progress ensure that the melodies flow in a perfectly consistent way. While the tracks are structurally unsurprising, the focus is placed on the hazy vocals, creating a perfect balance of nostalgia and freshness. Despite this, the songs do feel a little bit too much on the safe side, making them feel samey; there is room to take both the melodies and the vocals to another level, which will hopefully be seen on future releases.

Hazel English has already received attention in a wide range of publications, but the constant improvement the artist has demonstrated is a guarantee that bigger things are still ahead. Sounding more and more natural and effortless each time a new track comes out, the listener is always left feeling light, but intrigued.

While 'It's Not Real' makes you wallow in nostalgia and think of summers already gone, it is also a promise of future summers - ones that will hopefully see English release more material. Latest track 'Fix' already reveals a side that sounds perhaps less upbeat, but more determined. There is no doubt that English is on the way to something even greater.