Discover: Rosseau, Apartments and Young Urban Parasites

Everyone knows that if you want to discover new music, the best way to do it is still the old-fashioned way: going to gigs (and besides, you'll also be supporting independent venues as you do). With that in mind, we decided to introduce you to three bands you can still catch live on tour, playing an Odd Horizon gig at York's Dusk this Friday. And if you're not lucky enough to live near York, make sure to check out the bands below anyway:

Young Urban Parasites

Undoubtedly an energetic act to kick off the night, York natives Young Urban Parasites, or Yuppies for short, are a fresh sight in the York music scene. Having only formed this January, the band released their first EP already in March, and they don't show any signs of slowing down.

They define their music as hard-pop, but it's also difficult to ignore their punk influences. It is due to this musical direction that Yuppies are at their best on tracks like 'Secret World' which have maintained a more rough, raw sound instead of a fully refined finish. 'A Minute & A Half of Disappointment' and 'Snake in Eden', on the other hand, present a side of the band that has catchy basslines and hooks reminiscent of 90s American indie.

There is a sense of urgency and demand in their sound that makes you feel like this is a band you will simply have to listen to.


Having toured with Rosseau for their last few gigs, the Belfast-based Apartments are a noisy two-piece. Somewhere comfortably between hardcore indie rock and emo/screamo, their busy, polished guitar riffs and backing melodies add a hint of pop punk to the mix.

Despite the aggressively powerful general sound that their vocals boast, Apartments' lyrics can be surprisingly optimistic and gentle: “There is going to be / a whole lot of wasted time / dwelling on your past mistakes / but they will lead you here / out of the winter and into the spring”. This gives them a curious edge and only adds to the fact that their tracks deserve several listens to fully grasp all the aspects.

While their sound is very “full” and intense, Apartments don't sound overwhelming, but the different elements of their tracks blend and form a balance that is easy to miss in hardcore music.


Similarly a two-piece from Northern Ireland, Rosseau combine their post-rock melodies with emotionally loaded vocals and a DIY ambience.

Having only released their debut EP last summer, Rosseau sound surprisingly together; the rawness that is easily heard on the EP does not divert from this, but feels like a definitive part of their music and combines the multiple dimensions of their sound in a coherent way.

While there is a sense of simplicity and ease in the melodies, the roaring vocals and emotional input, especially on tracks like 'Smothered' and 'Hold On' set Rosseau apart from other math rock and emo newcomers and make for a powerful, even draining listen, in the most comforting and cleansing way possible.

The aching closing track of the EP, 'Untitled', takes the band to new spheres with haunting vocals that verge on dreamy shoegaze, filled with cinematic melancholy.