Discover: Bitch Falcon


Listening to music doesn't always have to answer your every question. Often the best songs will leave you feeling hopeless, confused or just angry. Dublin 3-piece Bitch Falcon, notorious for bombastic, ferocious live sets, bring a little grunge, a bit of indie and small touches of folk and soul to create a slow-moving epic. 

‘Of Heart’ is rooted in simplicity, and showcases the band’s ability to make a mountain out of very little material. While not a wild step in a new direction, the track is a substantial evolution from Bitch Falcon's more recent output, in particular showing true accomplishment in pacing and structure. Without ever getting out of first gear in terms of tempo, the song somehow manages to drain you of energy, taking you much further than you’d imagine you’d go.

The production sculpts a cavernous space, in which the song echoes and slowly proceeds. Fans of Warpaint will enjoy the pairing of low dystopian guitar lines with ethereal, gentle female vocals - though they aren’t gentle for long. The full force of the distorted guitars will press you back into a corner, and Lizzie Fitzpatrick soon joins the cavalry, with a harsh, almost pained vocal delivery. By this point, the song has settled into its moody, swaying two-step - it’s very easy to imagine a clan of zombified teens slowly trudging across muddy fields to ‘Of Heart’s’ incessant beat.  

With a never-ending ascent in pitch and intensity within the guitar parts, not to mention the introduction of experimental sirens toward the conclusion, the tension and raw energy of Bitch Falcon’s live performances are fully retained here. Each time that the feels the track has reached its full height, something else emerges from the haze to reveal just how much it has to offer. It's a song that delights in showing off a little bit of tonal beauty - such as the interlude featuring heartfelt harmonies - before surrounding it with screeches and scratches, giving you hope before tearing it down.  

Though it's a song that begs to be heard live, especially in a festival environment, Bitch Falcon have done a remarkable job in producing something as arresting as 'Of Heart', and will only cause to continue the uprising of slowly-rocking fans following in their wake.