Discover: Frankie goes on a walk

Maryland-based Frankie goes on a walk possesses the kind of bedroom recording quality that feels both intimate and personal, while still remaining devoutly eerie in its lo-fi soundscape. Frankie's March release songs about Kyle, distributed by Bangkok Blend, revels in a haze of unashamed romanticism and sincerity that simply makes you pause. By transporting you to a nostalgic dreamworld, the album is not just a vivid reminder of once-forgotten, bittersweet teenage crushes, but it's also a few steps away from all the chaos going on in the world right now. This in-between place is serene and still; sometimes the slightly muffled, echoy vocals sound like they're coming from miles underwater, sometimes as though resounding in a cathedral.

'songs about Kyle, part 1' takes centre stage on the album and really holds it all together. Unassuming and understated, it seems to bridge the uncertainty in the first half and the confidence in the latter. While 'part 2' takes it up a notch, both in tempo and in intensity, it leaves you looking forward to a part 3 that would take the sound even further and make it explode. This contrast would have further emphasised the exhale that is 'miles above Earth'. On the other hand, the fact that it never comes means the record maintains a calm air throughout - undeniably a part of its charm.

A perfect follow-up to everything else on songs about Kyle, 'miles above Earth' feels like an introduction to the album closer 'Dorm Song', summing up what makes this record so lovely: where it takes you, miles from this world, somewhere exactly as sweet and dreamy as is needed right now.