Discover: Ghost Orchard

While the world is full of lo-fi indie musicians, only a fair few truly catch your attention. Michigan-based Ghost Orchard, or Sam Hall, does this effortlessly on Bliss with a combination of twinkly, childlike melodies, occasional sirens and heavy doses of melancholy.

The DIY-sound fused with white noise builds into a perfect balance of “I recorded this in my bedroom”, “it's raining outside” and “you're listening to an old tape recorder”, all helping to convey a rare feeling of intimacy. It is this propinquity that gets to you at first, luring you in, and perching on the edge of your ear; it doesn't disappoint, but carefully continues to hold your attention throughout the entire record.

There's a strong sense of naivety in the songs on Bliss: not so much in the themes, that range from heartbreak to emotional lethargy, but in the soundworld that is reminiscent of music boxes ('october 2013') at the same time as bringing to mind 90s video games ('sleepover'). It is precisely this odd charm and simplicity that makes Ghost Orchard so appealing to listen to.

While delicate and soothing in their sound, there is a palpable eeriness and heaviness to Bliss – hints of childhood Christmases, teenage heartache and adulthood apathy woven together all under a familiar bedroom ceiling.