November Playlist

We've all got the autumn blues and there's no better way to feel better about the bare trees and pouring rain than listening to music that matches the melancholy surrounding us. Here's our November playlist to help you out:

1. The Title Sequence: Etienne

A wonderfully melancholic song from two years ago that was not given the attention it deserved, despite having featured in Etienne, an indie film about a man and a hamster's friendship.

2. Car Seat Headrest: Times to Die

22-year-old Will Toledo, aka Car Seat Headrest, is a prolific talent with a devoted following. Having released 11 full albums on Bandcamp in 5 years, Toledo has now been signed by indie label Matador and has promised 2 full releases in the next year. From the first, we have the lovingly crafted and brilliantly executed 'Times To Die'.

3. Shamir: Darker

Shamir's 'Darker' is, incidentally, darker than most of the songs they are best known for. The harrowing vocals both move and amaze.

4. Lucy Rose: Shiver

From Lucy Rose's 2012 debut album, 'Shiver' is a soft, delicate song that's sure to give you chills.

5. Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

A classic we can never get enough of. Leonard Cohen's 'I'm Your Man' thrills with its intensity.

6. Majical Cloudz: If You're Lonely

From Majical Cloudz' newest album, 'If You're Lonely' brings comfort to chilly and grey autumn days.

7. MONEY: You Look Like a Sad Painting on Both Sides of the Sky

MONEY are one of the most interesting bands to emerge in the last few years and their latest release 'You Look Like a Sad Painting on Both Sides of the Sky' from their upcoming album does not disappoint. Perfect night-listening.


8. Volcano Choir: Comrade

One of Justin Vernon's musical projects, Volcano Choir take the soft melodies of Bon Iver and make them grander.

9. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions: Suzanne

'Suzanne' is dark and seductive, immersing you into its beauty and depth.

10. James Blake: Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover)

One of the most surprisingly perfect covers of the year, James Blake's take on Simon & Garfunkel's legendary 'Sound of Silence' is full of emotion and takes the song to an unforeseen level.